Shutdown ubuntu/esx/redhat server From windows using plink

The easiest way to execute any command from windows using putty installation.

The example below you can shutdown your linuxbox server from windows using shutdown command


“C:Program Files”puttyplink.exe -ssh root@ip -pw ****** shutdown -h now

Usage: plink [options] [user@host [command]


-V print version information and exit

-pgpfp print PGP key fingerprints and exit

-v show verbose messages

-load sessname Load settings from saved session

-ssh -telnet -rlogin -raw

force use of a particular protocol

-P port connect to specified port

-l user connect with specified username

-batch disable all interactive prompts

The following options only apply to SSH connections:

-pw passw login with specified password

-D [listen-IP:]listen-port

Dynamic SOCKS-based port forwarding

-L [listen-IP:]listen-port:host:port

Forward local port to remote address

-R [listen-IP:]listen-port:host:port

Forward remote port to local address

-X -x enable / disable X11 forwarding

-A -a enable / disable agent forwarding

-t -T enable / disable pty allocation

-1 -2 force use of particular protocol version

-4 -6 force use of IPv4 or IPv6

-C enable compression

-i key private key file for authentication

-m file read remote command(s) from file

-s remote command is an SSH subsystem (SSH-2 only)

-N don’t start a shell/command (SSH-2 only)