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Xine is a free high-performance, portable and reusable multimedia playback engine. Xine itself is a shared library with an easy to use, yet powerful API which is used by many applications for smooth video playback and video processing purposes.

Supported platforms include:

* GNU/Linux (x86, alpha, sparc, ppc, etc)
* FreeBSD (x86)
* Solaris (sparc and x86)
* Irix (mips)
* Darwin/MacOS X (ppc) via the fink project

Support for the following platforms is in progress :

* MS Windows
* OpenBSD
* OS/2

Many different video output plugins “drivers” exist. If you’re using X11 the use of the Xv extension XFree 4.x, X.Org is highly recommended. Xv makes use of some capabilities of video cards most notably colorspace conversion and scaling for faster and smoother playback.
Audio output is supported on OSS, Alsa, artsd, esd (not recommended) and IRIXAL (irix/mips only), Sun audio.
The xine engine has very few dependencies. zlib is the only library required to compile xine-lib.The build system is a standard automake/autoconf/libtool build environment, so to compile releases only GNU make and gcc are required.

How to Install Xine:

su root
yum install xine.i386
yum install xine-devel.i386
and download xine user interface
tar -zxvf xine-ui-0.99.4.tar.gz
cd xine-ui-0.99.4.tar.gz
make install

And i think this would be enough!